The platform to launch your product:
create, promote, fund and manage your project, building your team with crowdsourcing power and blockchain technology.

Get resources you need when you need them.


To launch a project you do not need money, you need people and tools

What CrowdProducers can give you:

Free Project Mentorship

Impartial advice from industry experts, at no cost*

One-stop source

All the resources you need in one place, when you need them

Centralised management

Products, sales and customer relationships in one place

Business Modelling

Evolve your business model and structure, collaboratively

Business Planning

Develop objectives, set goals, get feedback on your plans

Flexible Budgeting

Budget control with no excessive spending

Large pool of experts

A broad spectrum of screened and skilled professionals to select

Replaceable HR

Automatic vacancy re-posting if a team member leaves within the project life-cycle


Develop and adapt your plan of action based on your community feedback

*identified accounts

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Do you need a multi-skilled team to run your project? Do you want to work with other passionate people? Gather your team and lead your project with us.

Free tools to launch your project

Modern technologies and tools do not have to be expensive. Working on our platform you will get great results for less effort and time, with no costs.

Business Model Architect

The business model builder offers total transparency of resource allocation, effort and deliverables progress, as well as viral marketing reward allocations and revenue allocations for investors, entrepreneurs and workers alike.

Project Management

The ability to plan projects strategically, with calendars and Kanban boards. Task planning. Cost, time and labour control. Reports are sent to your mail-box.  Task ownership management: assign, re-assign, notify.

MVP Testing

The availability of reliable data is essential to decision-making. The platform provides statistics on interaction with social media platforms, A/B testing for variants – along with the tools for SMM.

Product-Market Fit Validation

Confirm your target audience’s need for the product and prove the demand for your solution. Test the minimum viable product with your customers. Gather, analyze and review the feedback. Update the product road map.

Viral Marketing Funnels

Viral marketing that involves social media platforms and communities can be the most valuable product launch tool, if used wisely. Create your own viral funnels for your launch.

Skill Pool

Set up filters and notifications to find the best fit people using the categorized directory with rated reputation and professional skill scores. Open position bidding allows competitive HR replacement.

Incentivised Community Builder

Form your community team with gamification tools.  Let your target market choose the leaders, create interest groups, take part in product market validation. Help your followers earn rewards and spend them on your products.

Reputation Manager

Capture individuals’ participation levels and work progress statistics, turn activities, reports, feedback and reviews into achievements. Build up your reputation history. Assess candidates on their performance with inbuilt reputation scores.

Investor Radar

Your Investor account can trace projects and interactions with their team, analyze the performance of the enterprise and its team members. Have direct notifications of every new development: news, team changes and achievements, road map development.

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